Ready-to-eat Gourmet Cuisine, Masala Mixes, Chutneys, Conserves from ITC

Kitchens of India offers authentic gourmet Indian dishes from across the country, crafted by the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels, which enable consumers to recreate an exclusive fine-dining experience in their own homes. The delectable range spans vegetarian and non-vegetarian ready-to-eat dishes, masala mixes, chutneys and conserves. The entire range is made with 100% natural ingredients and is free of preservatives.

  • Vegetarian Curries
  • Non-Vegetarian Curries
  • Biryanis
  • Halwas
  • Kitchens of India Masala Mixes
  • Ready to Eat - Entree Dishes (Export Range)
  • Ready to Eat - Biryanis (Export Range)
  • Ready to Eat - Combo Meals (Export Range)
  • Ready to Cook - Curry Pastes (Export Range)
  • Ready to Cook - Cooking Sauces (Export Range)
  • Ready to Cook - Marinades (Export Range)
  • Ready to Eat - Desserts (Export Range)
  • Fruit & Spice Conserves (Export Range)
  • Chutneys (Export Range)
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