Gourmet Cookies, Biscuits from ITC

Straddling all segments in the biscuit category, Sunfeast offers high quality products in exciting and innovative formats, reinforcing ITC's commitment to delivering a world-class product experience to the discerning consumer.

  • Sunfeast Farmlite Active Protein Power
  • Sunfeast Milk Biscuits
  • Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive High Fibre
  • Sunfeast Farmlite
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Luxuria
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Meltz
  • Dark Fantasy Chocolate and Vanilla
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Chocolate Chip Nuts & Raisins
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Nut Biscotti
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Nut & Raisins
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Fruit & Milk
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Rich Butter
  • Sunfeast Mom's Magic Cashew & Almond
  • Sunfeast Bourbon Bliss
  • Sunfeast Bounce Dream Cream
  • Sunfeast Bounce
  • Sunfeast Marie Light
  • Sunfeast Nice
  • Sunfeast Snacky
  • Sunfeast Sweet 'n Salt
  • Sunfeast Butter Cookies
  • Sunfeast Cashew Cookies
  • Sunfeast Glucose
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Yumfills
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