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ITC currently has two brands in the confectionery segment - 'mint-o' and 'Candyman'.

ITC launched 'mint-o Fresh' in October 2004. An 'active' mint deposited candy, mint-o Fresh is available in a refreshing mint flavour - mint-o Fresh Eucalyptus. Its launch extended the footprint of the 'mint-o' brand in line with the strategy of adding excitement and contributing to the growth of the confectionery category. 'mint-o Fresh' is especially targeted at the adult consumer creating a basket of mint-based products across price points.

Another offering in the adult mint confectionery segment is mint-o GOL, in the 'Chews' sub-segment. A brand for young adults, mint-o GOL appeals to both men and women, offering a never before "refreshing indulgence". Recently, a Green Mango variant of mint-o Gol was launched which has been well received by consumers.

The latest addition to the mint-o portfolio is the 'mint-o Ultra mintz'- a sugar-free extra-strong mint. Available in select markets, mint-o Ultra mintz has received encouraging consumer response.

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