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ITC forayed into the branded coffee category in July 2016 with the launch of Sunbean Gourmet Coffee. With over 25 years of experience in sourcing the finest coffee beans complemented by many decades of blending and culinary expertise, ITC has brought together India's best and world's finest coffees with two exquisitely crafted blends of Sunbean Gourmet Coffee - Nicamalai and Panagiri.

Sunbean Nicamalai, a blend of the choicest coffee beans from Nicaragua and Anamalai, is a fruity-sweet aromatic coffee with a creamy expression. Sunbean Panagiri is a blend of selected coffee varietals from Panama and Baba Budangiri & is an intensely fragrant coffee with a pleasant roasted nutty taste and a hint of chocolate.

Currently available exclusively at ITC Sonar in Kolkata, ITC Gardenia and ITC Windsor in Bengaluru, ITC Maurya, Sheraton and ITC Grand Bharat in NCR, ITC Grand Central and Maratha in Mumbai, ITC Rajputana in Jaipur, ITC Mughal in Agra and ITC Grand Chola in Chennai, Sunbean Gourmet Coffee promises to be every coffee connoisseur's delight.

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Please visit our site : www.sunbean.in

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