Candyman range of mouth-watering candies and toffees are available in a wide variety of formats and flavours that delight consumers of all ages.

With Annualized consumer spend of

` 500 crores, Candyman is Number 3 in

confectionery segment


Choco Double Eclairs
Milky Eclairs
Candyman 50P eclairs
Cola Josh
Créme Lacto
Créme Lacto
Tadka Time Masala Cola
Tadka Time Masala Mango
Clear Candy Green
Clear Candy Ripe
Jellicious Jelimals
Jelimals Sour Slides
Fruiteefun Banana
Fruiteefun Mango
Fruiteefun Orange
Fruiteefun Pineapple
Natkhat Mango
Jellicious Mango
Jellicious Orange
Jellicious strawberry
Tadka Kaccha Aam
Tadka Pineapple
Fruity Delite Blackcurrant
Fruity Delite Ripe Mango
Fruity Delite Litchi